The Asiago Story


Here at Asiago, we pay homage to a cheese that has stood the test of time.

Over 1000 years old, Asiago’s origins began in Italy’s Asiago plateau,

where for centuries the local population lived off the land, making Asiago cheese with their large herds of sheep.

Around the year 1500, the sheep were gradually replaced by cows who, unlike
their woolly counterparts, did not pull up the grass by its roots when they grazed.

And when World War I erupted, the sleepy countryside was suddenly flooded with upwards of 400,000 Italian troops, marking a new era for the cheese when
demand could suddenly no longer meet supply.


But Asiago’s cheese makers rose to the occasion, redeveloping their techniques to make more cheese, and faster.


Today, following in these intrepid cheese maker’s footprints, we’ve taken our own vow - promising to keep you full and happy, using only the freshest ingredients.

We pride ourselves on creating authentic Italian cuisine - made from scratch and served PRONTO!

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197 Elston Avenue

Western Extension, Benoni


Open Monday - Saturday 11am  -  8pm

Sundays 11am  -  4pm

WhatsApp us on 066 213 9175


Call us on 011 421 0899

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